Why choose COAST PT?

Physical therapy is the medical science of restoring function and movement. The physical therapists at Cayuga Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy, P.C. (COAST Physical Therapy) are the professionals uniquely qualified to do this. Our manual therapy approach, combined with individualized specific corrective exercises, help you achieve great results. The physical therapists at COAST Physical Therapy are licensed medical professionals trained to help you get results by evaluating and treating your musculoskeletal and neurological conditions, and thus helping alleviate your pain.

Our Mission

We, at Cayuga Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy, P.C., are dedicated to offering you the best in rehabilitation services, helping you achieve the results you deserve. Utilizing an evidence-based approach to physical therapy, we strive to help you, the patient, achieve all of your functional goals as swiftly as physiologically possible.

What patients say

  • Chad, You saved my running career when I came to you for treatment of my Achilles tendinopathy in Feb 2005. I will always be extremely grateful to you for quickly solving a problem that had eluded many other practitioners for more than two years.

  • To everyone at COAST Physical Therapy, Thanks for pushing me everyday! Because of you, I am able to take care of and play with my children. You are such an amazing group of people, and you made me feel so welcomed. I am so glad that I chose COAST PT for my therapy.

  • Chad, I can’t thank you enough for healing my hip! I saw endless experts in L.A.– my physical therapist, HIS Physical therapist, the sports chiropractor who sees all the Olympians… None of them helped! Yet, I never had any problems when I was able to see you. I KNEW if anyone could figure out my mysterious malady, it would be you. THANK YOU for FINALLY correctly diagnosing me – I was able
    to start training again in a matter of weeks. I’m so happy to be running pain-free.

  • Look where I went with no knee pain! (Postcard from Mt Whitney, near Lone Pine, California 14, 496’) I’m about to finish mile 300 of my hike, and I am having a ball. Thanks for all your help with all of my injuries this year!