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Patient Results

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Before starting in physical therapy at COAST PT…
“I had pain in the top of my right foot, all the time during running. I have had this pain for the last two months.”

Since participating in physical therapy at COAST PT…
“After four visits and new orthotics, I am pain free! Once again, Dr. Chad has worked his magic on me. Many thanks, Chad!”


Before starting in physical therapy at COAST PT…
“I couldn’t do simple things like lift a laundry basket or bend over and get back up. I guarded my every move, afraid to bump my back or sneeze and throw it out again.”

Since participating in physical therapy at COAST PT…
“I feel GREAT! I lift things correctly, I no longer worry my back will “go out” at any minute, and I can sneeze freely (covering of course-haha)! I absolutely can NOT thank COAST PT enough! I never thought the day would come where I felt “normal” again! I am so happy and want to tell the world to come here if you need any type of physical therapy!”


Before starting in physical therapy at COAST PT…
“I was unable to turn my head to the left without a great deal of pain and was experiencing constant pain all the time.”

Since participating in physical therapy at COAST PT…
“I have progressed greatly! I am now able to move my head to the left without the constant pain. The staff have been great, professional, compassionate, and caring, especially the women that have been working on my neck, Lindsey and Christina. I would recommend COAST PT to anyone who would need such services.”


Before starting in physical therapy at COAST PT…
“I was having constant right sided Achilles pain while walking, and I was unable to play tennis and run.”

Since participating in physical therapy at COAST PT…
“My Achilles pain has practically disappeared. Although I am not completely finished with my therapy, I will continue with my exercises and plan on returning to tennis in the spring. I am very pleased with my results and appreciate the efforts and skills of Dr. Pens and his excellent staff.”


Before starting in physical therapy at COAST PT…
“I suffered a torn calf muscle in my left leg. Prior to PT, I was unable to walk without pain and pressure in my calf and also could not straighten my leg without discomfort. I was unable to continue my workout regimen at the YMCA, biking, Stairmaster, and weights.”

Since participating in physical therapy at COAST PT…
“I am now able to walk, stretch my calf muscle, and lift weights without any pain or discomfort. My legs now feel stronger than before my injury, and I can comfortably continue my workout regimen four days per week. It has taken some time and work but is totally worth it. My therapist has also taught me how to avoid similar injuries in the future. I would highly recommend COAST PT.”


“Look where I went with no knee pain! (Postcard from Mt Whitney, near Lone Pine, California 14, 496’) I’m about to finish mile 300 of my hike, and I am having a ball. Thanks for all your help with all of my injuries this year!”


“Chad, I can’t thank you enough for healing my hip! I saw endless experts in L.A.– my physical therapist, HIS Physical therapist, the sports chiropractor who sees all the Olympians… None of them helped! Yet, I never had any problems when I was able to see you. I KNEW if anyone could figure out my mysterious malady, it would be you. THANK YOU for FINALLY correctly diagnosing me – I was able to start training again in a matter of weeks. I’m so happy to be running pain-free.”


“To everyone at COAST Physical Therapy, Thanks for pushing me everyday! Because of you, I am able to take care of and play with my children. You are such an amazing group of people, and you made me feel so welcomed. I am so glad that I chose COAST PT for my therapy.”


“Chad, You saved my running career when I came to you for treatment of my Achilles tendinopathy in Feb 2005. I will always be extremely grateful to you for quickly solving a problem that had eluded many other practitioners for more than two years.”



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