Osteoporosis Bone Density Management Program

Osteoporosis is a disease in which the bone structure of your body loses density and strength. This condition can lead to an increased risk of fractures from stresses that would not normally result in a fracture. Individuals with osteoporosis need to be aware of what can be done to manage their osteoporosis through exercise, and thus protect their bones.

Getting started on COAST Physical Therapy’s Osteoporosis Bone Density Management Program is an effective way to prevent osteoporosis from causing a spontaneous fracture.

Prevention is considered the most important way to reduce a fracture resulting from osteoporosis, and there are three strategies that can be used

  • Medication
  • Exercise
  • Diet

The most commonly used approach to manage osteoporosis is to prescribe medication to help improve bone mineral density. However, prescription medication is just one of the three strategies. With the other two strategies, it is up to the individual to take it upon herself to address the exercise and diet components.

The physical therapists at COAST Physical Therapy can established an individualized program to utilize exercises in their ability to manipulate bone mineral density. There are very specific exercises used to manage osteoporosis, which can assist the body in making the bones of the skeleton thicker and stronger to help resist fracture. The recommendation according to the New York State Osteoporosis Prevention and Education Program (NYSOPEP) is 30 minutes of weight-bearing exercise, most days of the week, consisting of walking, jogging, aerobics, and weight training. Weight-bearing exercise and muscle strengthening can improve strength, agility, and balance, thus reducing the risk of falling. Through the Osteoporosis Bone Density Management Program at
COAST Physical Therapy, individuals can expect to see improved  one mineral density, muscular strength, power and endurance.

The staff at COAST Physical Therapy has taken a considerable interest in broadening our expertise as it relates to this growing patient population. When diagnosed with osteoporosis, it is not to be taken lightly as it can lead to very painful fractures, which can then result in a loss of independence. Do not wait for a fracture to happen before seeking professional assistance from trained physical therapists who can help you. Be proactive, and start improving your bone health today. Let the specialists at COAST Physical Therapy help you get on the road to stronger healthier bones by calling our office today.