Strength Training and Conditioning

Why Should My Child Participate in a Strength Training and Conditioning Program?

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) contends that strength training can be a safe and effective activity for youth, provided that the programs are properly designed and competently supervised. The specialists at COAST Physical Therapy are specifically trained in exercise, rehabilitation, and injury prevention.

In today’s society, youth sports have become year-round activities with increased concentration on sport specific training. This has proven to set our children up for increase risk of injury at younger and younger ages.

The goal of youth strength training should be to improve the musculoskeletal strength of children and adolescents while exposing them to a variety of safe, effective and fun training methods. Strength training refers to a systematic program of exercises designed to increase an individual’s ability to exert or resist force. Strength training should be one part of a well-rounded fitness program that also includes endurance, flexibility and agility exercises.

Youth resistance training can improve one’s cardiovascular risk profile, facilitate weight control, strengthen bone, enhance psychosocial well-being, improve motor performance skills, and increase a young athlete’s resistance to sports-related injuries.
Collectively, a majority of the evidence suggests that regular participation in a preseason conditioning program that includes plyometric exercises, resistance training, balance skills, and
education may reduce the likelihood of sports-related injuries in young athletes.

If you are interested in learning more about our Team Strength & Conditioning program, please contact our office at 315-253-3291, and ask for Mike Giltner. You can also click on the link below  or more information.

Individual Strength & Conditioning
Why individual training?

Individualized strength training and conditioning sessions allows for more specific concentration on what the athlete specifically needs to improve upon to get stronger, more powerful, and improve speed/quickness and agility. By addressing the requisite areas of muscle control, strength, and flexibility, we can also reduce the likelihood of an injury occurring during the upcoming season. All of these areas will result in greater individualized success in one’s sport and ultimately help the team succeed as a whole. If you are interested in learning more about our Individual Strength & Conditioning program, please contact our office at 315-253-3291, and ask for Mike Giltner. You can also click on the link below for more information.

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